The best coffee in Rome | handpicked by a coffee expert ☕ 🇮🇹

Withlocals presents: Where to drink Rome’s best coffee, handpicked by a local coffee expert!

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Coming to Rome and you are not sure where to try the best Italian coffee of your life?
Giulio, coffee expert and withlocals host, shares with us the Top 3 coffee places in Rome – the best one at last!

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Enjoy an espresso the Italian way, not like a tourist but like a real Roman, together with the locals!

Martijn Van der Sanden, Withlocals reporter, went on a trip to Rome.
This is the third video of this special Withlocals Series Rome: do’s don’ts and local tips’. Watch them all at

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3. Bar San Calisto (00:31)
2. Caffè Sant’ Eustachio (01:09)
1. La casa del caffè Tazza d’Oro (01:53)

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