HOKWANG (Airfury C1) at Costa Coffee Heanor 🚻

Just your bog standard modern Costa store, opened in mid/late 2019. It’s odd to see a non-franchised Costa store in the Nottingham outskirts/Derbyshire border. The toilets are located on the right as you enter, and the counter on the left, making it easy to sneak in. The disabled toilet was engaged, and I waited for ages until I ran out of time. The store is modern, so that toilet will be guaranteed to have another C1.

I like these modern Costa unisex toilet designs, where the room is wider and the door has a handle, I remember as a child always being afraid of setting the dryer off when the room was so narrow.

Model Number (HOKWANG): JA-05
Model Number (Lovair): C1
Model Name (HOKWANG): Unknown
Model Name (Lovair): Air Fury
Serial Number: 1903190337
Build Date: 19/03/2019
Recording Date: 13/05/2023 09:46


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