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Length and Cost of Psychic Readings


The length of a psychic reading would depend on several factors like type of reading, the experience of the reader and the method they use to perform the psychic reading. An average psychic reading would roughly take around 30 to 40 minutes. It can sometimes extend to an hour depending upon the questions you ask. Most times, the reader would first mention how long it does take before fixing an appointment.

The cost varies according to the time they take for reading. A client is expected to pay $30 for half an hour reading. It is affordable when compared with live psychic readings. Moreover, they provide genuine and good reading throughout the session. You will feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of the session. Some internationally renowned readers charge more than this, but they need to provide excellent services for the money they are charging.

Before the start, the clients will be informed clearly about the time taken and money he/she charges for per sitting. If the client feels okay and decides to start, then only the psychic reading session would start. There is some fortune telling website that offers services for free. It comes with online and free consultation, where you can talk with the psychic live on the telephone or through chat. If the psychic reader talks about curses and bad luck and asks additional dollars to remove, it is necessary to disconnect the communication. They elaborate such things to earn extra cash. They are not genuine readers.

What questions can you ask during the reading? It depends on your situation and what you are seeing. If you are consulting a relationship psychic, then ask questions according to his specialty. You will not receive a memorable result if you ask questions that are not related to their field.

Open-minded listeners can take two to three psychic sessions for best results. As one session would last about 30 minutes and at the first time you would not know what to ask. Once you feel close with that particular psychic, you can fix another appointment for better clarifications.

It is best to write down and keep three to five questions that are disturbing your mind for a long time. Ensure to construct the questions clear, concise and short, so that the psychic doesn’t get confused. It does not take more than thirty minutes to answer five questions. Allow the psychic to lead, but ensure to read before the session begins. Don’t fire random questions. Give some time to the reader to acquire mutual support, rapport and comfort before they answer.

A psychic reading is an enjoyable and happy experience. The clients should not take it very seriously, but they can implement some good things suggested by the reader. They could watch unexpected changes in their present status. Ensure not to give much information about yourself during the reading. Experienced psychic would read and tell about things that you do not know.

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